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Meet our Featured Artists: 

Moshe Braun

Foundation and Technique

Dedicating himself to revealing the beauty and meaningfulness of Judaism and the Land of Israel through his art training and techniques, Moshe creates unique works such as Ketubot (Jewish Marriage Documents), Family Trees, Illuminated Brachot (Blessings), Tefillot (Prayers) and Manuscripts of personal significance, and most recently, a special commission highlighting the Seven Species of the Land of Israel. Receiving wide appeal, his commissioned original works afford the opportunity to work together with a client to create a unique and time-treasured piece. Moshe enjoys the creative process, communicating effectively with clients both within Israel and the rest of the world. Pieces are crafted in media such as watercolor, gouache, pastel, charcoal,

Moshe is often asked: "How did you make the transformation from Industrial Designer to Sofer and Judaic Artist?" He answers, "It was a natural outcome of a deep internal search, resulting in dedication to Torah study and Jewish growth, fusing this together with my artistic training and expression." Moshe adds, "One must be aware of his or her God-given talents and skills and make sure to use them to infuse goodness into the world."
paper cutting, calligraphy, paper and parchment. Ideas are often tempered with classical and contemporary representations of architecture and landscapes of the Holy Land. Moshe's training and practice in the Melechet Shamayim of Sofrut (Jewish ritual scribal arts) has influenced his work as well.

In addition to his original works, Moshe has collaborated with two outstanding Jerusalem-based workshops to carefully reproduce many of his pieces in the form of signed and numbered limited editions. Both the state-of-the-art Giclee printing and 
processes are used in the production. In addition, each piece is detailed, assembled and finished by hand.

Qualifications and Background

After working as an Industrial Designer in a promising new start-up venture, Moshe left the company in order to further his Jewish studies on a full-time basis, first at the Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Illinois, and then at Yeshivat Darche Noam/Shapell’s in Jerusalem. It was at that point that Moshe decided to become a Sofer, a ritual scribe, and continued his professional training in Jerusalem, achieving ordination as a Sofer

Moshe grew up in a vibrant Traditional Jewish home where from a very young age his parents encouraged his involvement in art. After completing the Honors Art Track in high school, he went on to study fine art at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, earning a BFA with a concentration in Industrial Design. While in art school, Moshe came to the conclusion that just as he was striving for excellence in his study of art and design, he needed to also strive for excellence in his Torah study as well. 
STaM. The International Society for the Integrity of Torah Scrolls, Tefillin and Mezzuzot, otherwise know as Va'ad Mishmeret STaM of Jerusalem, awarded the certification. 

Moshe has exhibited his work both in Israel and the United States. His clients include individual patrons as well as organizations. Moshe’s works are in collections in Jerusalem, London, Manchester, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Toronto, New York, Silver Spring, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee and Los Angeles. Moshe lectures about his art and
Sofrut to schools and groups in North America and Israel,
and has even traveled to Warsaw, Poland to teach in the Jewish community. 

Moshe, his wife Marla and their children live in the welcoming community of Ramat Beit Shemesh nestled in the foothills of the Jerusalem Mountains.


Just the very mention of "Kever Rachel" evokes emotion. A visit to this holy site stirs feelings of hope and the desire to pour out one’s heart in prayer to God through the use of light and color, Moshe chose a new approach to a traditional scene, originally created with pastel on paper.


Dreamy Beis Hamikdash Temple Art artwork by celebrated artist  Moshe Braun

Moshe Braun


Aliza Marton

Aliza Marton is an artist that has received a lot of media attention recently with articles appearing in Mishpacha magazine, Judaica in the spotlight, the Jewish Journal, and Nashim magazine.

Aliza has always seen the world differently – Colors others do not see, Details others miss, and a sense of the Spirituality in everything that others often do not recognize. Aliza’s earliest memories include a deep love of art. She would not simply view art but rather inspect, analyze, and deconstruct every element of what she was seeing. Aliza was fascinated by the spectrum of technique that was employed by different artists. This is how her personal taste and ultimately her talent developed. As a child, Aliza’s passion for art was not encouraged. Despite this, wherever a pen or pencil could be found, a sketch was soon to follow (sometimes on her clothing if paper was not within reach). 

Aliza did not formally enter the art world until the age of 39. Life had been busy until then. Aliza had pursued and received her degree in Psychology and Education from UCLA, worked as an elementary school teacher, and (most importantly) raised four wonderful children with her husband. It was not until she joined an oil painting course her daughters had enrolled in that she decided to make fine art her full-time professional focus. Once Aliza picked up that first brush with oil paint on its tip, like a wellspring, art began to flow and it has not stopped since.

Aliza finds inspiration everywhere and sees the hand of the Creator in everything. While her mind constantly races with ideas, she recognizes the time and attention that is required to make these ideas come to life in the form of fine art. Aliza often creates large format pieces so that she and others can feel as if they are “in” the painting – not just outside looking in.

Aliza sees the natural world as a bridge to the spiritual realm. She lives in awe of G-d’s creations and their incredible beauty. Aliza’s personal commitment is to capture moments of particular beauty and share them with others. Aliza’s hope is that her artwork will serve as a celebration of the natural and spiritual worlds’ ability to provide comfort, guidance, and inspiration.

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 11.00.02

Aliza Marton


Vibrant, colorful Splitting of the Seas artwork by celebrated artist Aliza Marton

Chani gross


Chani Gross grew up in Jerusalem and currently lives in Israel. Chani Gross studied graphic design in college and specializes in Calligraphy.

Crown Art Doodle and Hebrew Calligraphy artwork by artist Chani Gross

Chase riner


Photography credit by Chase Riner created nature photography with forest background on home page slideshow.

Chaya Slodowitz


Photography credit by Chaya Slodowitz created photography with ocean background on home page slideshow.

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