"Splitting the Sea" Style Tambourine Keychain - genuine sheepskin head: vibrant, colorful artwork by celebrated artist Aliza Marton - artwork is a dreamy vision of the sea splitting with blue and white waves parting for the Jewish people to cross through as they left the Egyptian exile tambourine in hand; to celebrate the miracle. Mystic blue oak wood color -Jumbo metal jingles with high sound quality and resonance -measures 2.5*2 cm -comes with chain and ring to attach to your keys -comes with a certificate of authenticity. Tof Miriam's "Splitting the Sea" Keychains is ideal for special events, Bat Mitzvah Clubs, women's holiday conventions. Perfect trending Accessory for women and girls. Be ready to celebrate the blessings in your life .....and BE REDEEMED!

Tof Miriam Mystic Blue Splitting the Sea Tambourine Key Chain