Tof Miriam Blessings Tambourine with Luxury Gift Box:

- Natural oak wood
- Jumbo jingles with high sustain and bright percussion sound
- Measures 8 inches X 8 inches X 1.75 inches
- Certificate of Authenticity included


Beautiful Artwork by Chani's Calligraphy with special Thanks to Maayan Yisroel for the compilation of blessings.


The first two blessings are said upon hearing with certainty that Mashiach has arrived.


The third blessing is said upon seeing over six hundred thousand people gathered to greet Mashiach.


The fourth, fifth & sixth blessings are said upon seeing Mashiach.


The seventh blessing is said upon seeing the third Beis Hamikdash.


The eighth blessing is said by someone who comes back at Techias Hamaisim.



Tof Miriam's Mashiach Blessings 8 inch Tambourine with Luxury Gift Box