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Tof Miriam's Tambourine Luxury Collection

Get Your BE REDEEMED Tambourine Keychain 🎵


Photo Credit: Aliza Marton

With New Stronger Stainless Steel Chain!
Planning a wedding, bat mitzvah,
special celebration or corporate event?
Tof does custom tambourines... 8” and mini tambourine keychains! Just email: to place your custom order today!
Custom Mini tambourine keychains start at $11 each on bulk orders.
8” tambourines $22 each on bulk orders, with a minimum of 40 pieces.

6-8 week delivery time. Prices may vary depending on product, size or custom details.
**Due to natural irregularities in the tambourine sheepskin, each product may have slight imperfections.**

This unique Tof Miriam keychain product is designed with authentic natural materials and hand-crafted with Oakwood and Jumbo Metal Jingles!